Noisette des Vaux †

Born: 11 April 2001   |   Sex: Mare   |   Colour: Bay   |   Studbook: Selle Français
General info Noisette des Vaux †

Noisette des Vaux was bought in France and started breeding almost immediately, after running the cycle for five year olds for one season. Noisette's dam, Altesse desvaux, has an ISO 152 and a 10.5 pace which means she is a top dam. She also has several offspring who jump internationally. She jumped international at 1.60 level herself. Muguet du Manoir was in first place as père du mère in 2007. 

Noisette has two approved sons: Hos d'O (for breeding with Joris de Brabander) and Istacum d'O (for breeding at Bosteels Stables). She also has an approved grandson, Jus d'O (approved stallion at the Rising Star Farm, Texas) from For a Few Dollars More d'O.

nIn 2014 Noisette unfortunately had to be put to sleep at the age of 13, after a severe injury.

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Cumano BD Cassini I Capitol
Chanel II Landgraf I
Weisse Dame
Altesse desvaux Muguet du Manoir Artichaut
Hunebelle A Uriel


  • multiple clear rounds in the in the Belgian Cycle for five year old horses
News items
  • Floyd (°2005, Dollar dela Pierre) - fokker: Marc Vandamme - sold to the USA
  • For A Few Dollars More d'O (°2005, Dollar dela Pierre)
  • Hos d'O (°2007, Dollar dela Pierre)  - approved stallion for the BWP studbook
  • Istacum d'O (°2008, Stakkato)  - approved stallion for the AES studbook
  • Jo Jo d'O (°2009, Toulon)
  • Kiki d'O (°2010, Diabeau)
  • Luna d'O (°2011, Dollar dela Pierre)
  • Madison Avenue d'O van ten Bos (°2012, Numero Uno) - breeder: Bosteels stables
  • Narcis d'O (°2013, Hunter's Scendix)